Carolina Custom Transportation Responds to COVID-19

Beginning in February, CCT took a proactive approach in response to COVID-19, gathering supplies, training staff and educating our customers. Here's how we are committed to caring for the health and well-being of our customers and employees.

If you require non-emergent medical transportation during this pandemic, utilize a transportation service well equipped and prepared to combat the spread of COVID-19.

—Misty D. Berrier, RN, BSN

Carolina Custom Transportation, LLC COVID-19 Precautions

CCT Took A Proactive Approach back in February to begin gathering supplies, training staff and educating our customers

***Stringent Implementation Measures***

  • 3-hr ALL staff mandatory re-training on infection control
  • No staff meetings with greater than 8 employees at once
  • Fitting and Use of N-95 masks by NEMT drivers to prevent possible cross-contamination
  • Appropriate stock and use of PPE on each fleet vehicle
  • On-site sanitization of work stations and fleet vehicles every 3 hours with Clorox and Virex TB
  • Strict handwashing, alcohol-based hand sanitization, and gloving as necessary
  • Social distancing on fleet vehicles of 3 – 6 ft apart with staggered seating
  • No more than 4 clients on 10-12 passenger vans at a time
  • No clients sitting beside or directly behind driver
  • Education of COVID-19 signs/symptoms to recognize/report
  • No passing of forms, paperwork, cash, payments between driver & client
  • Remote work sessions for Administrative Staff


We are dedicated to the essential transport needs of our community during this state of emergency. 


**Any future developments and updates as we adhere to city, state, federal, CDC, & WHO guidelines and recommendations can be found on our websites and facebook page.**